About The 2nd Alarm Project

The 2nd Alarm ProjectR is a nonprofit organization that offers comprehensive, evidence-based resiliency programs and services to support the mental health of first responders. What began in 2019 after Hurricane Michael as a SAMHSA grant to support NW Florida fire service members has grown to serve as a comprehensive resource for first responders and their families throughout the state of Florida and beyond.

We offer behavioral health navigation and direct services for first responders and their family, peer support capacity building and clinical oversight, mental health literacy education and training, and support departments in building comprehensive Behavioral Health Access Programs (BHAP) and facilitating best practice implementation and policy development. Our services are deeply rooted in the first responder community, with their needs and goals incorporated in every element of our program design, from planning through implementation and evaluation. First responders don’t just have a seat at the table; they serve as major actors in decision making to guide what we do and how we do it. Through systematic evaluation and feedback, we continually assess for ground truth – the pulse of the first responder community – to help inform and drive program development and design.

Our approach seeks to be comprehensive, addressing the needs of our first responders at the individual, family, community, and systems levels. We seek to reduce barriers and increase access to evidence-based behavioral health services for first responders by building internal capacity within each agency and community we serve.


The name 2nd Alarm Project is intended to raise awareness and convey that sometimes the primary resources deployed to mitigate an emergency require additional supports to make an impact.


Our vision for the 2nd Alarm Project is to create a transformative and enduring impact on the well-being of first responders, their families, and organizations. Through a comprehensive, sustainable approach, we aim to cultivate a culture of resilience, support, and capability. By providing evidence-based resources, tailored training, and accessible services, we envision an environment where first responders can leverage their inherent strengths and access the tools necessary to navigate challenges. Our vision extends to fortifying not only individual resilience but also strengthening the bonds within first responder families, organizations, and the communities they serve.


The mission of the 2nd Alarm Project is to proactively enhance the well-being of first responders, their families, and organizations by fostering resilient public safety communities. Through a comprehensive and evidence-based approach, we are dedicated to providing resources, specialized training, and accessible services. Our mission is to equip first responders and their family members with the skills to effectively manage challenges and promote healthier lives, harnessing their inherent strengths. Furthermore, we are committed to strengthening the cohesiveness within responder families, organizations, and the communities first responders serve. In alignment with our vision, we aim to create a sustainable and transformative impact on the mental well-being of all those who dedicate their lives to serving others.