Education and Mental Health Literacy Resources

The 2nd Alarm project has developed a variety of both in-person and digital educational resources for first responders, family members, and clinicians wishing to serve our community.

You can access our digital materials by downloading our app or checking out the BHAP Toolkit. Our face-to-face classes include in-service workshops for responders, academy/recruits/cadets, and company officers/command staff. Each of our trainings is customized to the public safety discipline in attendance at the class. We also offer a workshop for first responder families. To schedule a face-to-face workshop, click here. We also provide workshops to provider groups wishing to increase cultural competency in working with responders. In addition to our proprietary educational materials, we support and partner with several other organizations who deliver evidence-based curricula for first responders and clinicians (see acknowledgements page).

*note- our 3 hour mental health awareness class for the fire service is approved for CEUs through FCDICE/ FL State Fire College. Contact us for details.

To request training for your department, please fill out the form below and a 2nd Alarm Project representative will reach out to you.